Comprehensive Services for Property Owners:


Assessing the potential of a property to generate revenue and proposing the most effective use and valuation of a property

Assessment of the technical condition of the property

Communicating with a management organization providing technical property management

Active tenant search

Ensuring searches with candidates

Representing the owner when negotiating the terms of the lease

Written wording of rules for users and tenants on how to use the property, including instructions on how to deal with emergencies

Participation in the handover of the property to the lessee and its receipt after the end of the lease term - supported by appropriate protocols

Renewal of the lease / signing of the lease extension / termination of the lease agreement • Active communication with the tenants

Immediately inform the owner of all material facts

Regular physical check of real estate

Managing emergency situations through a person performing technical property management

Ensuring revisions by law if the property is not managed by a property manager

Providing maintenance, repair and reconstruction in agreement with the property owner

Continuous Key Holder Service

Safekeeping and protection of real estate documentation

Securing of payment system connected with real estate - selection of rent and related fees, control of compliance with binding payment deadlines according to valid contracts - payment and registration of expenses for operation and maintenance of real estate, energy and related services of the respective property within the set deadlines

Tax liability assistance - preparation of documents for annual income tax settlement and registration at the relevant tax office

Securing real estate insurance

Regular transmission of management reports and detailed reporting to property owners